Our Mission

Our mission is to provide growth and development in each position of our company. We are changing the idea of outsourced marketing and sales and producing high quality results that pass our clients expectations. Our goal is to recruit, train, and develop great people in the Portland area so we can continue to grow into new markets nationwide. By focusing our attention on those individuals who put forth the most effort and show the most dedication and willingness to learn, grow, and develop we will continue to be the leading inside sales and marketing firm in the Portland area.

We foster an entrepreneurial environment that provides people with the experience and know how to represent large clients with confidence.

We bring new customers to our clients and new career paths for our team.

About Us

At Reign and Lively, we believe you should do what you are good at. This idea is not original; what is original is how we turned it into a company. You see, our strength is in people skills; we don’t create anything you can physically hold. But our passion is what most people (and companies) fear most. We like to talk and build relationships (even to strangers), we like to present, we like sales, we like to build connections and we like to do this in the most personal way… in person. And this is where our idea turned into reality.

At Reign and Lively, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide face to face, one on one communication that establishes connections with new business customers for the number one growing cell phone provider in the B2B sector. Our approach based on personal connections & specialized knowledge generates lasting customer relationships for our clients. Simply fulfilling our clients’ needs is enough for us.

At Reign and Lively, we believe people do their best work when there is room to grow, when they are free to be themselves and most importantly when they are recognized for their progress. Though our revenue generation revolves around marketing and sales, our culture and growth revolve around providing opportunity, coaching, and growth for our team members from the ground up.

We provide our enterprise corporate clients with the highest quality clientele in the Portland area. We are the solution providers for large companies who want to grow, increasing their market share by implementing our proven direct inside sales approach.


We represent the most respected companies in the telecommunications, retail, cable & satellite industries. We focus our efforts in a face to face, relationship-based marketing approach, to bring our clients life-long customers with increased name-brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty.


We provide our clients with a group of passionate, fun and friendly, professional representatives to maintain and build new relationships to expand their customer base.

We provide an in depth, hands-on approach to educating our team on new products and services

We guarantee an increase in our clients brand recognition, market share, and most importantly, we guarantee an increase in revenue.

R&L Careers

At Reign & Lively we believe in bettering our people and developing from within.

Our philosophy of rapid, merit-based promotion means that you advance based on performance, not seniority. We develop our team with a diverse set of skills that help them reach their personal best & professional goals. We do this in a lively manner because we believe you should like where you work!

  • DISC Assessment
  • Situational Leadership
  • Formal Feedback & Conflict Resolution
  • Time & Finance Management
  • Career Growth Benchmarks
  • Travel Opportunities


Work Ethic

Dedication to complete every action with the highest level of quality and efficiency.


Understanding that mistakes happen and using them as learning opportunities for self-improvement.


Having open communication and mutual respect to work together to achieve a common goal and help each other develop both personally and professionally.


Consistently doing the right thing when no one is watching.


Having the determination and fortitude to push past obstacles and distractions to achieve goals.


Maintaining grace under pressure and understanding each person’s value and worth in every situation.


Going the extra mile to surpass expectations and focus on excellence instead of the easy answer.


Positively contributing to our environment and surroundings and constantly giving back to those around us.

Improvement & Growth

Maintaining a student mentality to constantly develop and evolve to avoid complacency.

Meet the Team

We believe that business thrives with people of varying backgrounds, resources, and skills. It’s also much more lively.


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